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we provide an environment that offers a calm and nurturing place where children thrive and become Explorers, Discoverers, Learners and Innovators.

It is our job as Early Years Educators to inspire and nurture an inquisitive mind in every child and build strong relationships and secure attachments to ensure our children feel happy, safe, unique and valued.

We recognise that each child is unique. From the very first home or nursery visit, we begin the process of getting to know each child’s individual stage of development. Our own observations, along with Parent’s observations, allows us to establish a clear starting point for each child’s development.

Once we have a child’s starting point we have a foundation to build on. Through our carefully planned environment that supports children’s exploration and curiosity, Educators observe and play alongside children to further their learning ‘in the moment’ so that the learning is purposeful and relevant to the child’s current interests and next steps. Areas for focus are identified for each individual child and are incorporated within their play with their key person and/or in group activities.

Each day we provide opportunities to support children in all 7 Areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is balanced with free play indoors and an abundance of outdoor and beach play where children can choose their own play activity, moving around freely, making choices and building and developing their own friendships.

As each child progresses through nursery they grow in confidence in preparation for that all important first day at school.

Our “Open Door” policy invites you to come in and look around at any time or if you would like to book a specific time, please call us on 01637 879358

A confident mind creates an independent learner! 

Physical play and exploration are essential
Close to the country side and Beaches
We offer a home from home feel
Trips and excursions available 

A“My son has been attending this pre school for the last 2 years, I am extremely impressed and have never had a problem with the care he has received and can thoroughly recommend it.
The hall is very big, divided into learning areas. There are lots of lovely educational toys and the children are often painting, glueing and doing crafts. The garden has wooden play equipment Inc pirate ship and safe flooring. The food is cooked onsite by a qualified chef and my son says he eats it all up. My son has progressed well through being at pre school and it is obvious he has been taught a massive amount there.
I would say that this pre school has been amazing for my little boy and I, well worth a visit if you are considering a pre school place for your little one." Annabel

“The team are fantastic!!! couldnt think of anywhere else better!!! Laura

“Fantastic place! Very safe, friendly atmosphere, staff are very trustworthy and just fab. My son loves going....actually doesn't want to leave when I pick him up!! That tells me a lot” Annemarie

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